Kingsman tailor we offer avariety of tailor fashioned cloth

This is a kawuda shirt to make you comfortable whenever you approach brief meetings

Women side coat mostly worn on certain occasions let’s make for example like business parties etc#ordernow
This is men’s free style shirt with a combination of white linen with kitenge colour stripes to make the shirt come out like a causal shirt wear its mostly worn out on occasions like beach parties, also weekend parties
This is a double breasted tuxedo suit very comfortable, and warm, now the suiting material called gentleman it’s a very nice material for making suit, as a gentleman you need something gentle to make you a gentleman
This kind of vest coat is a combination of a kitenge and a suiting material looks good for waiters and waiteress, and it includes a bo tie on the neck it makes a good combination of the vest to look unique from the the others
This one looks a bit different but this one it call it the wakanda prototype suit with and you I don’t know how you call it,anyway it’s wakanda suit it’s an African suit combined with kitenge to look African style bringing out the wakanda to life, plus pants with out pleats looking gentle makes it look nice.
With this video we’re trying to improve the style and quality of making one look gentle and more aggressive in the eyes of the people around you, so we bring you the kingsman’s finest double breasted tuxedo, actually aspock suit always fits a gentleman right,don’t just stop there support us by liking our page on #kingsmantailor

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